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JMS medical office cleaning, hospital and surgical centers cleaning process strives to maintain a clean environment for patients, visitors and healthcare staff, while contributing to the reduction of germs, viruses and microbiological organisms through efficient and effective surface hygiene. This means an equal emphasis on the floor and surface care with a focus on thoroughness, effectiveness, and attention to detail. Healthcare-associated infections affect two million people annually, yet one-third of those cases are avoidable when proper infection control procedures, including expert cleaning, are in place.

Consider the cost of cleaning as part of your promotion budget because in fact it is. A clean facility is imperative not only for the health of your patients and staff but as an aesthetic statement which silently promotes goodwill.

To help safeguard your patients and practice, we implement the protocols for your particular medical needs as well as the standard techniques common to all medical facilities. Providing a clean and germ-free environment for your patients creates trust and confidence. Where this type of relationship exists, your patients refer family and friends as a result of being impressed with the level of care they have received. A professional, clean medical facility says exactly that. Word of mouth is the best form of promotion that even money can’t buy.

Special cleaning products are used in medical building cleaning to lessen and control the amount of infection/virus/germs in the environment and on the various surfaces, tables, floors, etc.

- Hospitals / Clinics / Surgical Ctr.
- OSHA 10hr / 30hr Certified
- Uniformed Cleaners
- Trained & Supervised 
- Proper Protective Gear
- Hospital Grade Disinfecting
- Exam Rooms / O.R. Cleaning

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