After working in the Corporate world for many years, there was always a desire to have my own business.  In the late 90s I was managing a large health & fitness club on 5th Avenue & 14th Street in NYC.  Amazed by the low standards of the cleaners I’d encountered, I knew I could do better.   In 1998, at the age of 24 and as a single mother, I decided it was time to take the leap and opened up my own cleaning business while still working my day job.  So was born JMS  (the ‘J’ is for my son Joe, “MS” stands for Maintenance Services).  I saw a need for an efficient, reliable cleaning service to expertly and consistently clean health clubs, building offices, & residential sites.  Starting with just a few customers, I slowly built my company, client by client, account by account, through hard work and dedication.


Joined by my husband Lou in 2003, we grew the company as a team. We used a simple formula – know your stuff, be accessible, be proactive and clean every space like it was your own!


Together, we developed a vision for what we wanted—for both the business and our lives. Our vision has adjusted over the years, but we  revisit it often. And having that shared vision has made all the difference in how we work together.


It’s proved a winning formula. Now over 25 years later and with over 100 highly trained employees, JMS has a long, long list of dedicated clients. We proudly serve a wide range of industries and are among the most trusted cleaning companies in the New York & New Jersey area.





Lou Ahmetaj has been a self-employed businessman and entrepreneur his entire working life.  He originally ran his own successful Courier Services company in San Francisco, California which he sold in 2002.


In 2003 he decided to join wife Elvira in her thriving cleaning services company – JMS.  The duo decided to become partners in business – and life – combining their skills and expertise to take their company to the next level – serving clients in the NY & NJ area.


Right from the very beginning, they worked well together solving complex problems and adding client after client through their hard work and efficiency. Each focused on a different area of the business while sharing the same attention to detail and dedication to the shared vision of cleaning every business or home as though it were their own


Now, more than 2 decades later, JMS is the premier cleaning services company in the New York & New Jersey area with over 100 full time employees and one of the best reputations for trust and reliability in the business!