Professional cleaning is a skill that requires broad knowledge in a wide range of skills, including planning and organizing, surface materials, cleaning techniques and health and safety for chemicals, equipment and site. Untrained cleaners, without this knowledge, pose a risk to themselves, to others, the surface materials, and can contribute to significant wastage of time and cleaning products. JMS Cleaners go through several stages of training before becoming OSHA compliant and certified.

Dirty windows can instantly bring down the overall appearance of an office or room. Windows usually take up a large portion of the wall and are immediately noticeable. If you have smudged, dirty and unclear windows, it makes the room look dirty, even if it is otherwise clean. This can make an office space look less professional.

If you have clean and clear windows, your room instantly looks more professional and clean and becomes a space people want to spend more time in, whether that is your own workers or your customers.


There are a few main reasons why you should choose a professional window cleaning services, versus having a non-professional do the job. First, washing windows can be
dangerous. If windows are on second, third, or higher stories, or if they are ceiling-high, they can’t be reached without the assistance of some sort of equipment. Having a professional with experience and proper tools makes the window washing procedure a lot safer, and in turn, makes it more effective. The professionals don’t have to worry about how to reach the window to clean it properly: they can put their full attention on getting the best results possible and providing you with high-quality window cleaning services.


Our trained experts are fully licensed and follow the strict safety regulations that govern the window cleaning industry and ensuring every job is completed safely regardless of